• Diploma of Business @ a glance


    Diploma of Business

    Leads to the Bachelor of Business.

    Equips students with a spread of management knowledge, skills and business acumen need to perform in the complex business world.


    • It leads to a Degree of Business at ECU and many Navitas universities in over 9 countries.
    • Offers integrated units that provide students with important and critical skills valued by employers
    • Students completing the Diploma of Business are granted 120 credit points advanced standing into the Bachelor of Business at ECU in Perth, or take the ACBT Advanced Diploma of Business for entry and advanced standing into the ECU Bachelor of Business at ACBT (240 credit points)


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    Leads to

    Advanced Diploma of Business

    Can enter into many universities in Australia or many Navitas Universities for the 2nd year of the degree for business related majors such as Accounting, Finance, Business Law, Hospitality Management, Economics, Human Resources, International Business, Management Information Systems, Tourism Management etc.



    • BES1100D: Foundation of Business
    • BES1200D: Business Knowledge Development
    • MAN1100D: Management
    • MKT1600D: Marketing Principles & Practices

    Electives - Select 4 Subjects

    • ACC1100D: Accounting
    • ECF1110D: Economics
    • ECF1120D: Finance
    • LAW1100D: Legal Framework
    • MAN1600D: Information Systems for Business

    Tuition Fees

    Year Sri Lankan Students


    LKR 56,000/- per unit