Australian College of Business and Technology

Advance Diploma of Business

Two-Year Advanced of Business Management program will equip student, with a wide understanding if business management's routine skills, procedure and practices. Student will also be comprehend complex business concepts and describe them in organized manner. As a result of this course, student will able to strengthen their corporate communication skills, cognitivity capacity and organizational behaviorial pattern thanks to course's uniquely created sturucture.

Semester I

  • BUS1101 Marketing principles
  • BUS1102 Managing People
  • BUS1103 Management Principles
  • BUS1104 Financial Accounting

Semester II

  • BUS1205 Economics
  • BUS1206 Business Analytics
  • BUS1207 Business Identity and Protocols
  • BUS1208 Foundation of Business
  • ELE1209 Advanced English**

Semester III

  • BUS2110 Business Research
  • BUS2111 Accounting and Finance for Business
  • BUS2112 Operations Management
  • BUS2113 International Business Environment

Semester IV

  • BUS2214 Cultural Business Intelligence
  • BUS2215 Management Information Systems
  • INB2216 Organizational Behavior
  • INB2217 Strategic Human Resources Management
  • ACF2218 Financial Management
  • ACF2219 Management Accounting
  • BUS2220 Business Practicum

* A minimum of 400 hours of practical training should be completed.

**ELE1209 – This unit can be taken at any time during the Advanced Diploma of Business Management program and should be completed on or before completing the program. Students are encouraged to take the Cambridge Advanced English (C1) examination after completing the unit.

Please note: The modules listed for this programme are regularly reviewed to ensure they are up-to-date and informed by the latest research and teaching methods. Unless indicated otherwise, the modules listed for this programme are for students starting in 2021.

** Please ref the Advanced Diploma of Business Course Planner for More information and updated information**

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