Advanced Diploma of Business

Completion of Advanced Diploma with two majors leads to entry and advanced standing into the ECU Bachelor of Business(at ACBT)


Year Sri Lankan Students


LKR 66,500 /-per unit


Course of Study:

Advanced Diploma of Business

Course Structure:

Students complete each major by selecting 4 units comprising of:

  • 1 core unit + 3 units selected on the basis of the desired major
  • Students wishing to transfer to ECU third year, must complete a total of 8 Advanced Diploma units in two majors.

Core Unit:

  • BES2500D – Business Professionalism and Career Management

Specialised Units:

Plus any three units as specified by the respective major students intend to study at ECU:


  • MKT2605D – Promotional Marketing
  • MKT2608D – Consumer Behaviour
  • MKT2700D – Retail Marketing


  • INB2102D – International Business
  • MAN2020D – Logistics
  • MAN2120D – Organisational Behaviour
  • MAN2145D – Human Resource Management

International Business

  • INB2101D – Cultural Framework of Business
  • INB2102D – International Business
  • MAN2020D – Logistics
  • MAN2145D – Human Resource Management

Tourism & Hospitality Management

  • TSM2105D – Tourism Planning and Development
  • TSM2111D – Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism
  • TSM2202D – Event Management

Pre-requisites for specific units

Successful completion of the Diploma of Business is a pre-requisite for this course. Where applicable students must have completed pre-requisite units from the Diploma of Business as determined by the major selected.

Entry into 3rd year of

  • On completion of 8 Advanced Diploma units, ACBT students can articulate into the ECU Bachelor of Business (at ACBT). Students can also enter into many other universities in Australia or other Navitas-partnered universities to complete the Bachelor's degree in Business related fields.

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