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Advanced Diploma of Commerce

Completion of Advanced Diploma with two majors leads to entry and advanced standing into the ECU Bachelor of Commerce(at ACBT)


Year Sri Lankan Students


LKR 78,000 /-per unit


Course of Study:

Advanced Diploma of Commerce


Please note that the above program will not be offered after trimester 01,2021. Any new or pathway students joining after this date will now have the option of directly joining the 2nd year of the Edith Cowan University Bachelor of Commerce degree program in Colombo, at ECU-Sri Lanka Campus. The details of this program is given in the ECU-SL website


Course Structure:

Students complete each major or double major by selecting the units under each desired major or double major plus any other units listed below

  • Students wishing to transfer to ECU third year, must complete a total of 8 Advanced Diploma units in two majors as listed below. Note: Students enrolled in a double major may have a variation in some units – please refer to the Course Planner provided by ACBT.


  • MKT2605D – Promotional Marketing
  • MKT2608D – Consumer Behaviour
  • MKT2700D – Retail Marketing


  • INB2102D – International Business
  • MAN2020D – Logistics
  • MAN2120D – Organisational Behaviour
  • MAN2145D – Human Resource Management

International Business

  • INB2101D – Cultural Framework of Business
  • INB2102D – International Business
  • MAN2020D – Logistics
  • MAN2145D – Human Resource Management

Tourism & Hospitality Management

  • TSM2105D – Tourism Planning and Development
  • TSM2111D – Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism
  • TSM2202D – Event Management

Pre-requisites for specific units

Successful completion of the Diploma of Commerce is a pre-requisite for this course. Where applicable students must have completed pre-requisite units from the Diploma of Commerce as determined by the major selected.

Entry into 3rd year of

  • On completion of 8 Advanced Diploma units, ACBT students can articulate into the ECU Bachelor of Commerce (at ACBT). Students can also enter into many other universities in Australia or other Navitas-partnered universities to complete the Bachelor's degree in Business related fields.

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