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TKT [Teaching Knowledge Test](Cambridge)

What is TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)?

TKT is a globally-recognised,flexible series of modular teaching certifications, which test your knowledge in 5 specific areas of English language teaching.


Module 1 : Language and background to language learning and teaching

Module 2 : Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching

Module 3 : Managing the teaching and learning process

Module 4 : CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

Module 5 : YL (Young Learners)

Each module carries a certificate and is a stand alone qualification. The 5 modules can be attempted all at ones, separately in any order or individually. 


Your TKT qualification attests to your expertise in:

  • different teaching methods and teaching resources
  • effective lesson planning
  • techniques of classroom management

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For Whom?

  • For teachers who want to secure an internationally recognized teaching qualification
  • For trainee teachers who need a solid foundation for their career
  • For school leavers who want to start on a teaching career


ACBT is an authorized testing centre for all modules of TKT.  



TKT Module Fee (LKR)
Module 1 7000.00
Module 2 7500.00
Module 3 7500.00
Module 4 8000.00



ACBT also delivers a variety of preparation programmes for TKT examination.

TKT Preparation Course (36 hours)
Tuesday & Thursday  3.00pm - 7.00pm Rs.25,000/=
TKT CLIL / YL Courses (15 hours)
Wednesday Upon request Rs.15,000/=
Training programmes aiming at TKT are delivered at schools upon request and the duration and nature of the programmes can be negotiated on condition that the schools can comply with ACBT's requirements. Free

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