Australian College of Business and Technology

Advance Diploma of Computer Science

The Advanced Diploma of Computer Science major in Software Engineering / Cyber Security program produces up-to-date knowledge in programming and systems development, as well as current abilities in specialized technical software development

Semester I

  • CSI1101 Programming Principles
  • CSI1102 Mathematics for Computing
  • CSI1103 Professional Science Essentials
  • CSI1104 System Analysis and Design

Semester II

  • CSI1205 Computer Security
  • CSI1206 Networking
  • CSI1207 Operating System
  • CSI1208 Database Management System
  • ELE1209 Advanced English

Semester III

  • CSI2110 Data Structures
  • CSI2111 IT Security Management
  • CSI2112 Project Methods and Professionalism
  • CYB2113 Cryptography
  • SOF2114 Fundamentals of Software Engineering

Semester IV

  • CSI2215 Intelligence System
  • CSI2216 Distributed System
  • CSI2217 Object Oriented Programming with C++
  • SOF2218 Application Development
  • CYB2219 Computer Forensics
  • CSI2220 Internship project

** Please ref the Advanced Diploma Computer of Science Course Planner for More information and updated information**

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