Australian College of Business and Technology

Advance Diploma of Nursing

ACBT designed an Advanced Diploma of Nursing program to create more standardized opportunities for the students who wish to follow their higher education in the field of Nursing. The program is designed with the guidelines of Private Health Services Regulatory Council and Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission in Sri Lanka

Semester 1

  • NUS1101 Introduction to Nursing
  • NUS1102 Communication skills for Nurses
  • NUS1103 Anatomy and Physiology
  • NUS1104 Nursing Practice I

Semester 2

  • NUS1205 Adult Health Care
  • NUS1206 Health Assessment
  • NUS1207 Nursing Practice II
  • NUS1208 Legal and Ethical requirements in Nursing

Semester 3

  • *NUS2101 Clinical Practicum I
  • NUS2103 Mental Health and Wellbeing in Clinical Practice 4 Core
  • NUS2104 Pharmacology I
  • NUS2105 Introductory Sociology
  • NUS2106 Medical Surgical Nursing I
  • **ELE1209 Advanced English

Semester 4

  • *NUS2201 Clinical Practicum II
  • NUS2202 Medical Surgical Nursing II
  • NUS2203 Oncology and Palliative Care
  • NUS2204 Hospital Information Systems
  • **ELE1209 Advanced English

Semester 5

  • *NUS3101 Clinical Practicum III
  • NUS3102 Medical Surgical Nursing II
  • NUS3104 Pharmacology II
  • NUS3105 General Surgery
  • **ELE1209 Advanced English

Semester 6

  • *NUS3201 Clinical Practicum IV
  • NUS3202 Research in Nursing
  • NUS3204 Contemporary Issues in Nursing
  • NUS3205 General Medicine

** Please ref the Advanced Diploma of Nursing Course Planner for More information and updated information**

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