Australian College of Business and Technology

Diploma of Science (Computing/IT)

Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) program introduces you to the disciplines of computer science, software engineering, computer security, information technology and other emerging fields.
The program consists of 8 units of study and can be completed over 2 or 3 trimesters.
Students who successfully complete 4 units under the ACBT Diploma program will receive Advanced Standing in the ECC Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) Program – Year 2 (CRICOS Code 092035D).
Students also have the possibility of receiving up to 8 units (120 credit points) advanced standing, the equivalent of the first year, in the respective bachelor’s degree at ECU.
A minimum of 50% pass in all units is required for progression to ECU.


Year Sri Lankan Students


LKR 86,000/- per unit



  • CSI1241: Systems Analysis
  • CSP1150: Programming Principles
  • MAT1252: Mathematics for Computing
  • SCI1125: Professional Science Essentials
  • CSG1105: Applied Communications
  • CSG1207D: Systems and Database Design
  • CSI1101D: Computer Security
  • ENS1161N: Computer Fundamentals

Entry into 2nd year of

  • Students can also enter into many universities in Australia or Navitas-partnered Universities for the 2nd year in IT related majors such as Networking, Computer Security, Information Systems, Internet Computing, and Graphic Design etc.

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