Diploma of Computing

It leads to the Advanced Diploma in computer science at ECU or many Navitas Universities in over 9 countries. Considered to be the cutting-edge study programme that prepares students to excel in jobs within the ever changing IT field.


Year Sri Lankan Students


LKR 66,500/- per unit



  • CSG1132: Communicating in an IT Environment
  • CSI1241: Systems Analysis
  • ENS1161: Computer Fundamentals
  • CSI1101: Computer Security
  • CSG1105: Applied Communications
  • CSG1206: Operating Systems
  • CSG1207: Systems and Database Design
  • CSP1150: Programming Principles

Entry into 2nd year of

  • Advanced Diploma of Computer Science - Can enter into many universities in Australia or many Navitas Universities for the 2nd year for IT related majors such as Networking, Computer Security, Information Systems, Internet Computing, and Graphic Designing.etc.