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There are plenty of decent accommodation options in Colombo, Sri Lanka and its suburbs, to suit individual student require.

Our staff can facilitate your accommodation needs from a range of Home-stay options and can also assist you by offering advice on other options such as renting out apartments or houses.


This is a popular accommodation option available to overseas students studying in Sri Lanka which provides you with an opportunity to live with a Sri Lankan family, and adapt to the host country's culture and practices faster. It not only provides you with decent and comfortable accommodation but also a chance to experience a warm and caring family environment. A student selecting 'Home-stay' accommodation will be expected to spend US $300 upwards per month including meals.

Renting Apartments/Houses

This is also a convenient option with many apartments located within the city of Colombo. These are usually offered on long term basis of one year or more. Most apartments offer decent living with facilities such as 2-3 bedrooms, attached toilets, kitchen, living and study areas and secure living conditions. Expect to spend $300 upwards for an apartment excluding meals.