Students may apply for exemptions (recognition for prior learning), which includes formal study undertaken in recognised tertiary and post-secondary institutions worldwide. Exemptions are granted on the basis of prior learning (formal or informal) where that learning is assessed as equivalent to the learning outcomes or competencies of one or more ECC or ECU units. Exemption (also called Unit Credit) releases a student from having to undertake one or more units within a course.

Overseas institutions will be recognised to the extent to which they are considered to be equivalent to particular types of Australian institutions. Consideration may extend under certain conditions, to programs provided by recognised professional bodies.

Students must enrol and successfully complete at least 50% of all remaining ACBT units in order to be awarded with the relevant qualification.

How to apply: Talk to a student counselor at ACBT regarding exemptions.

  • Exemptions for ACBT University Foundation Program are subject to approval by ACBT in accordance with Sri Lankan regulatory requirements
  • Exemptions for ECC Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses are subject to approval by Edith Cowan College
  • Exemptions for ECU Bachelor or Masters courses are subject to approval by Edith Cowan University
  • All Applications for Exemptions must be submitted before Week 4 of the semester.
  • Applications received after Week 4 will be processed but will not qualify for a fee refund if the student is already enrolled in that unit.