Australian College of Business and Technology

Diploma of Commerce

This course leads into the ECC Diploma of Commerce. The course provides students with an overall perspective of business and the acquisition of fundamental skills, which are essential for their course and career. Commerce degree programs at ECU have a large practical component and are designed in consultation with industry, professional bodies and government organisations.
Year Sri Lankan Students
2020 LKR 78,000/- per unit


  • SBL1100 – Foundation of Business
  • SBL1400 – Introduction to Business Analytics
  • SBL1300 -- Business Environment and Markets
  • ACC1110 – Accounting


  • ECF1110 – Economics
  • SBL1600 – Business Identity and Protocols
Select two units from the following
  • MAN1100 – Management
  • MKT1600 – Marketing Principles and Practices
  • ECF1120 – Finance

* SBL1300 is a Pre-requisite for MKT1600


Selection of the two units should relate to the double major student is planning to do from the 2nd year of the degree and therefore the students should seek guidance from the Course Coordinators or the Student Services Manager.

Entry into 2nd year

  • Students can also enter into many universities in Australia or Navitas-partnered universities elsewhere for the 2nd year of the degree. Commerce related majors include Accounting, Finance, Business Law, Hospitality Management, Economics, Human Resources, International Business, Management Information Systems, Tourism Management etc.
  • Please note that the ECC Advanced Diploma of Commerce will not be offered after trimester 01,2021. All students will have the option of directly joining the 2nd year of the Edith Cowan University Bachelor of Commerce degree program in Colombo at ECU-SL Campus. The details of this program is given on the ECU-SL website                                                              

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